Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I hate this feeling. The feeling of being consumed by nothing, hollowness. This great abyss of nothingness, slowly devouring every piece of my soul. And then I'm left walking in the basements alone, like a corpse. Contradicting thing is, we all let our feelings take control of ourselves. To feel is human. And we let the feelings take over. Sorrow, anger, happiness, hunger, excitement. It takes up so much of ourselves that it'll affect anything we do. And then to make others feel good, you have to put up this false front. It's a vicious cycle, it never truly ends.  Until you find something that makes you feel better again. And then you'll feel again. Happy, sad, angry, empty, confused, lost, frustrated, found.

When will I feel again? I'd much rather not feel a thing, to live every day as if there is nothing. I find it so hard to have feelings, towards people, towards things, towards animals. If having feelings hurts so much, why do we bother?


Anonymous said...

Hey babe,

Feelings come and go. But don't clinch on to it. When it comes, acknowledge it and let it pass. It appears for a reason.

When you start to learn to let go, you will start living a life less miserable. It is easy to say not to let your feelings and emotions control you, but really! Do not let It take over you, you might end up depressed and suicidal.

Be happy and be HAPpY! Do things that make you happy and surround yourself with only good positive influence people!

You can do it!


Anonymous said...

dont know what to say, other than all this emotion will pass. chin up !