Wednesday, August 08, 2012


this weekly affair that I've been having with le bestie is coming to an end. She's leaving back to San Francisco coming Monday. They say misery meets company. My company for lonely days are coming to an end. And then there will be new things that awaits end of August. I've finally found a job (yeay) and it's good that it'll occupy all my time rather than dwelling in my past.

Don't worry about my diet, I only do this once a week, and on other days I eat really clean. I have been making soups. Loads of vegetables (stock made from onions, carrots and celery + spices) alternating between pumpkin, broccoli and tomatoes. I feel healthier, apart from the lack of sleep.

I try not to feel and not let feelings take over me, but that is just life. We let them consume us, and then till there's nothing left to feel, you move on. It takes time, really. Time heals and time breaks. I go through every single day dying a little inside. It will take time, it will heal wounds, but after all there will still be scars. I was never told about the sorrow, but I'll be better soon, I know. New beginnings are always good, cause you'll never know what lies ahead, and you write your own future. I like the sound of that already. I'm really looking forward to my first day at the new company and start to write my future. I want to buy my own car and own my own property, this is only the beginning. 

Funny how in a life time, there are so many beginnings. It's really as if you're playing Diablo, you die, you restart (or like CS, respawn wtf) as a new player, you may lose some points or your armor, or even the most previous amulet you collected from some great quests, but this is life, you win some, you lose some. Some stay, some leave, YOU make the decision of who stays and who leaves. Happiness is that very great quest that we fight for, sacrifice for, to get that mere short lived happy moment. But it'll be worthy.

Btw, I'm really loving barbell thrusters these days. I saw a video of this Crossfitter name Camille (google her she's so badass) doing it. I tried doing it (minus the 35lbs weights of course -_-) and god I was so so so sore even 3 days after doing it! LOVE IT! Works all the muscles, especially glutes and shoulders! And I try incorporating new weight moves, one step at a time. I'm starting to do barbell chest presses too. Start light, you'll get there some day too. I don't know why but I just feel so damn empowered and badass everytime I'm in the weights room. Screw the big men and their ego, do what you're capable of and you'll see progress. 

Well, just an update to say that I'm still alive and lifting. *flex*


Anonymous said...

you are looking good ! and you look like you have lost quite some weight.

mustardqueen said...

Thank you!! Fact is my weight is about the same, prolly 1kg down, but I do get comments that I seem smaller :P I think it's my skinny shirt, it's black and it's slouchy hehe

Anonymous said...

hey ! may i ask where is the place with all the cute pork design ?

mustardqueen said...

anon: S.Wine at Publika. it's located inside Ben's Independent Grocer where all the wines are at. :) Good place =D